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Status: Extra info
Date: 13-Aug-2007
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This is a NIB kit of the Trail 12. This buggy is made by spital, they also made the Safari Series gas buggys. The car is driven by a electric 540 motor, and has a manuel three shift gear. The gear can only used when the car stand by hand. For a 1/10 electric car it is very heavy, the bumpers and the rear cage are made complete in steel. The body is hard plastik. With his tires i think it is not going in offroad terain, it looks more for the street race.




Hello! thank you showing rare one.I use to have and drive same one.This is one of those 'SAFARI 09'series. Yes! you are right! this model is too heavy for running by electric-moter.
Please look for 'SAFARI 09'series gas-powerd version. These are funny-looking, but,so cute!
Message from Japan.


Great, I own one myself. We bought it many, many years ago for my birthday. I used to drive it on any surface, road, dirt, grass and even bumpy surfaces, without any problems. You can adjust the spring distances. Even in winter I had some fun, I made spikes for it and it ran very nice on the frozen lake nearby.
The can came with a Multiplex radio control.
I still have the car. It was, until half a year ago, in the original white body with the green decals on it. But time didn't do good on the decals. Combined with old damage the decals were taken off and it is painted red by my son of 8, looks nice, some decals will be added.
I have a question, does anyone know if there are spare parts available for this car, I need the speedcontroller. I already repaired it and it functiones again, but I would like to buy an other one to it.
Or is this one for sale???????
We are still riding it ...... And have fun!
Greetings from The Netherlands.



Hi Frank,

this is for sale, but i cannot contact you because i have no mail.



Just had to say that your car is looking a lot better than mine at the moment, I also have the problem with spares at the moment and am even struggling to find a manual for it that lists the parts.
It is a very unusal car but looks like it could be a lot of fun.

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