Model: 99999: Misc.
Status: Extra info
Date: 20-Aug-2007
Comments: 2
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I always thought of those exhausts, you can buy for a expensive price and wanted to get some. But they are too expenscvie, so i bought some accessory for modelling and some paintings (that was really expensive!) to make my own.
Yesterday i was crafting 2 exhaust pipe for my Imprezas.

I took some small tubes and modelling paste and some chrome paintings and other colors - That was really an experience ;) and i will not make anymore, but rather buy them!

Today i finished my Impreza WC 05, but i am quite happy with the result. :) - thanks for looking, comments welcome

exhaust typ 'ofenrohr'

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Nice touch, a simple little detail does so much!



Looks great plus it shows off your skills when you create something yourself .

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