Model: (Click to see more) 58092: Jaguar XJR 12 Daytona Winner
Status: New built
Date: 22-Aug-2007
Comments: 5
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This is a replica that my father and I designed and sprayed by hand of the 1990 Le Mans winning Silk Cut Jaguar. Basically, I purchased a clear Tamiya XJR12 bodyshell and made up the Silk Cut templates and logos, and then sprayed the car in the correct colour scheme. It took many hours of painstaking templates to get this one right but it has turned out a stunner! I have the 1990 Daytona winner as manufactured by Tamiya to sit alongside also, this will be added to my showroom shortly.

Silk Cut Jaguar in the rain 1 Silk Cut Jaguar in the rain 2 Silk Cut Jaguar in the rain 3 Silk Cut Jaguar in the rain 4




Indeed, that's a silk cut (got 'm?) Compliments!



Wow that took a bit of doing, Looks great!


Just love this car! you can buy a 1:1 original from 1988 in Las Vegas for 2 million dollar.
nice example you have!

Even Flow


Great Job!! looks awesome...



Absolutely stunning. Something I really wanted to do but don't have the resources. Get it alongside that C-11 and a 787B for some proper nostalgia.

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