Model: (Click to see more) 58027: Ford F150 Ranger XLT
Status: Project
Date: 22-Aug-2007
Comments: 30
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£10 from the dump !!!!!!!!!!!

(Recycle center, local tip, garbage disposal site or whatever you know it as)

Absolutely a once in a lifetime find for me!

Its only been run a few times by the look of it, none of the rubber looks perished or deteriorated at all and I cant see any parts missing.

The body is broken though - split down the middle of the bonnet, cracked roof and a stress mark on the bed. It looks like perhaps 'stepped on it' or storage type damage as there are no 'crash' marks anywhere on the body or chassis.

The body is unpainted and only part stickered, the rest are in the box. The manual is there and in perfect condition, no dog ears or creases.

Also in the box was a tamiya catalogue and R/C car guidebook from 1984, again in perfect condition. In the Tamiya catalogue is a hand written list of the deal prices of the day of the 'off road' type cars from the Grasshopper (£96.99) to the Blazing Blazer (£210.00). The Ranger/Scorcher/Rider is listed as £131.97.

The box is reasonable I guess, there is a tear on one side and the box has been held closed with parcel tape.

I havent even taken the radio box cover off yet, but it is fitted with the radio gear/servo's. No transmitter though. Maybe I'll look for the one I used for my Super Champ I had during the early 80's (Dont have the Champ any more unfortunately). I saw it about 2 house moves ago, so there may be a slim chance its still around somewhere.

No way am I going to run it. There's not even a scuff mark or sress mark on the front bumber, and I want to keep it that way!!

I've put it as a project but the chassis only really needs a clean, no real 'restoration', the body is a bit of a dilema - what to do with it.

An unplanned but great addition to the collection, I havent even handled one of these chassis' since the 80's when I ran my Super Champ and my brother had a Sand Scorcher. Just like being a kid again!

White FMS tape covers a tear on the side. I was expecting a thrashed and smashed wreck! I am dreaming !! The original arial is in the box. Look at the state of that - sand everywhere !! All good this end too. Still no cloudy covers. My Champ bumper lasted 2 minutes. Ruined! that bloody sand on the tyres again! I reckon that's pretty good condition. Despite the damage, it looks pretty good. Well, from the previous angle.




nice find thats where i found my bruiser and hilux same dump....



Great find - shelf queen or runner - hmmm



£10? didn't you at least try and haggle a bit and get it for a fiver? Nice find






WOW!!! What a fantastic find!!! You are a lucky man!! Congratulations!!!

Crash Cramer


Wow, what a find for NOTHING. If I were you, I would keep my eyes posted for the next F150 bodyset out there and bid high as you spent NOTHING on the chassis. Isn't it the way, there were a couple bodysets on eBay last week or two.



I´d buy a lottery ticket also if i were you. But you allready won big time here!!!



WOW!, this must be the 'Luckiest TC find 2007' !


Congrats! Really a once in a lifetime opportunity - enjoy it and once your are old, you will be able to tell your grandchildren as well )
Cheers, Michael



That is so lucky. I bet your heart jumped out of your chest when you saw the box sticking out from all the rubbish! Wish i could find an old vintage model, i seem to pay extortionate amounts for mine! Nice find Chips.



As you appear to have some luck at the moment do you know the 6 numbers for this saturday????



Lucky man you are!!! you cannot even buy a recent meal at McDonald's for this money I think I would repaint the body or at least the hood and polish the rest of the body with plastic polish. Nice one mate! cheers!



You are kidding? !!! No way! That is unbelievable. Good for you! That is basically perfect. WoW! What were you doing at the dump?...



10 £ ??? Yeah,You´re rigth : I hate You !! Serious,NICE find ! Congrats Olle



I could call you plenty of names but they would no doubt be censored! Great find and good to know its gone to a caring home Even better to know its not gona be left in a landfill site.. makes you wonder how many more there are on landfill sites already



extra jammy jam for you boy!!


YOU LUCKY SO AND SO!!!!!!!!!!!



This is one of the best finds i have seen in a while it would of been a massive waste if this had ended up in landfill lucky you were there to save it and a good job they never knew its value .


Nice find



Looks like a mighty sweet find for something from the dump.



Wow what a find !! beats my Clod Buster found in a skip ! I have a near mint shell, just waiting for the right chassis to turn up.



what a find!



Wow, good find. I can't believe it costs 10 pounds for everything.. Just add a new body and it will be good as new!



You lucky sod! I'm still waiting for this kind of thing to happen to me. I reckon you have a £300 car there. Congratulations!



Nice find, I will offer you twice what you paid for it

Burn Out Boy


Yes you are right, its an unbelievable find and i hate you !!!.

Corpse Thrower


Thats just too good to be true.....why doesn't that sort of thing happen to me???

Agent Orange


What a find! That looks in very good condition. Would love an old SRB as I could never afford one when I was a child. If it were me I wouldn't restore it in anyway and leave it as a 'survivor' - far more character than a spotless resto.


£10 from the dump?? the box is worth more than that!!! that is amazing.Now...that what i call a



Who throws out stuff like this!!!! Great find!

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