Model: (Click to see more) 58390: Impreza WRC Monte Carlo '07
Status: Extra info
Date: 26-Aug-2007
Comments: 7
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Built to represent the Impreza RB320 road car which was built by Prodrive and dedicated to Richard Burns. Only 320 were built each with 320PS. I might change the rear wing and wheels to get a closer representation to the real thing at a later date.

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first one ive seen out of rally slag colours and man it looks sweet !!



back in black! great job

Rising Jack


Wow! Looks awesome, very well done.



WOW. never liked SUBARU but this looks awesome. great in just black with those black rims and the gold nut. great idea

Maxxed Ross


very very nice! I was going to one of these as a tribute too but decided to do an RB5 replica instead. Top job!



Nice RB320 mate

Maxxed Ross


well it since I recently bought a real one I suppose I better start that replica after all! I found the WRC 03 wing is the closest to the real one if you are still looking to change it

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