Model: (Click to see more) 58050: Wild One
Status: Runner
Date: 28-Aug-2007
Comments: 5
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Obtained this little beauty in a trade with club member Sladoz. I was thrilled when it arrived as it is in such good condition. Came with a new body set and decals and was rtr. Its a superb example of one of my favourite cars and runs a treat with the addition of some new period rear CRP (circle pattern) tyres. Msc replaced for more reliable esc and stock motor replaced with a Reedy 27turn for more punch.

update, 2.1.09 new additions - frog hop up ujs fitted, 2wd spiked front tire, original rear stud spike tires, Tamiya BZ motor.




Paul - I think you might need to check in to Wild Ones Anonymous...



Hi Paul,it looks realy nice now with the paintjob and decals



Its a really lovely car to see in action. Another top 2wd runner mate.

Snake Plissken


I just installed the same tires during my recent Wild One overall, but didn't drive it yet. How is the grip compared to the stock tires?

Bin ^jammin^


That looks really sweet, i'm so tempted to buy one.

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