Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: New built
Date: 31-Aug-2007
Comments: 3
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I show the car sometimes ago, i told you this is a very rare Dune Buggy from the early 70's, have you ever seen one? Now i get two more and have three of them. Here the describtion the car was build by Spital and called Safari GTX, the chassis is complete metal, the suspension is with springs on front and rear. The weight of the car is very heavy. In the cars have a period 19 engines from, enya and OS. The wheels are also complete in metal. I think this car is a very rare piece of the model history of the offroad cars. The cars seems that they have only short run time. They need a bit cleaning and a good paint job to get in showroom condition. I get the two new once incl. the original decals and instrictions. I think two of them are enough so one will go away

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Crash Cramer


No, no, no...THREE IS A CHARM. Besides, you have the colors of some nice flags there if painted the rest of the red one. Keep them all.



I think two is enough, so i will give one to an other guy who knows what it is and stored him of a modell history part.



Wow!! I love it. You have three of them! I really respect you and great job. I have same this safari GTX too.
I know much about this, because I use to drive this
when I was a child. Also,I understand all the parts
in detail,ofcourse history is too. Please refer to my web-site.(completery restored in like an art) message from Japan.

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