Model: (Click to see more) 56301: King Hauler
Status: Project
Date: 6-Sep-2007
Comments: 4
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You might remember this one it was my brother’s hauler I reconed for him a long while ago. Since she was rebuilt he used her a few times and then shelved with the intention of using her a lot, but he passed his driving test and all his interest and money went in to his real cars so I made a deal with him and its now in my persuasion. As you can see it will need a lot of work to get her back to new, this is the result of about a year and a half worth of dust and I just hope it hasn’t eaten the paint work. I will post more pics when she is all cleaned up.

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Purchased as a scrap rig to rebuild




Dude the truck looks awesome- the dust is cool. Take picture in a more suitable background and it could pass for the real thing.

rizzo rat


Good idea but she is now in bits ready for the clean up. Shopuld have thought about that before dam



Put it on your shelf and wait 18 months then take more photos.

Crash Cramer


I agree, if you had photod this in a 'barn' setting, it would look like someone stored it for that last beer run in the long awaited Smokey and the Bandit 25 sequel.

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