Model: (Click to see more) 58035: Wild Willy Willys M38
Status: Restored
Date: 7-Sep-2007
Comments: 3
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Got this Wild Willy from a friend. He used it for a few years. However it was in great shape, no broken parts at all. When I was trying to redecal it the paint came of. I stripped it and painted it red. I have a NIP decal set for it, but I don't think it will add something.

1 1 1 With his old friends




cool Willys, the Red one looks like my real Jeep.

Crash Cramer


Nope, don't need decals, but a thin red line on the outer lip of the wheels would look sharp.



Thanks guys! Maybe I'll see you at a meet someday Mr.Nismo (great name btw!). I'll try that red lining when I'll find some proper decals, thanks for the advice.

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