Model: (Click to see more) 58367: F103GT Chassis Kit
Status: Runner
Date: 7-Sep-2007
Comments: 4
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Bought this chassis new built on a local auction site. It has loads of hop ups installed, like:

-Aluminium motor mount

-Aluminium heat sink (TA05)

-RC Pinion Set 20/21T 0.4

-RC 3mm Tungsten Diff Ball Set

-F1 Graphite Friction Plate

-04 Module Spur Gear - 93T/104T

-Rear Suspension Ball Mount

-TRF Special Damper

-Hard and Soft Shaped inserts

It's a fun car to drive. However I still need to find the proper tires to reduce the grip at the back, because the only thing it does is to oversteer. Fitted with a 15*1 Kyosho motor, a GM-Racing V8 ESC and a digital Robbe servo.

If somebody could help me with some advice regarding the tires please let me know!




Hi Vin,

I also run this chassis (not used many times yet..)
I think I can see normal tamiya slicks (maybe superslicks) what you could try is to mount super slick on the front and normal ones at the back, or another option would be the ready-glued tamiya slicks type A & B and switch them around the front and back untill you find your grip. It remains a 2WD, and it requires some extra steering capacity...last option: rock-hard el-cheapo (low budget) slicks at the back, and super (softer-compound) slicks at the front.

hope it helps.



The car has Super Slicks mounted on the pictures. I already found out that using Reinforced type B with different types of inserts make it handle a bit better. I'll just try all my tires the next time I'm going to drive it. Thanks for your comment!



i use medium narrow tamiya behind and normal slicks on front...



Thanks I'll give it a try

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