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Status: Extra info
Date: 15-Sep-2007
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I haven't updated this project in a while, due to Overtime and Life in General, haven't had time for my R/C's.

I managed though to get in this mod, BFG tires on subaru brat wheels, I made the diameter of the tire smaller, by sectioning it, glued it back together and the result is amazing if I may say so myself!!

Still need to do the other side, As I only had a pair of BFGs.

Also added my daughters racing logo onto the door, I think it looks Scorcher-like. still need to do some detail work, to call it finished.

Aggressive looking little thing, isn't she?? Kelly Racing Team

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Looks very aggressive indeed with those wheels! I like the engine in the back!



Thanks, I've got a Wild One Project and a Sand Scorcher project on the works, I'm addicted to these beach rigs.!!



The engine detail is fantastic! be proud of yourself!



great baja beetle good tyres choice and i love that engine

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