Model: (Click to see more) 58163: Rover Mini Cooper Rally
Status: Restored
Date: 16-Sep-2007
Comments: 8
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I talked with my uncle about these m-chassis cars and I couldn't believe my ears when he gave me his Mini for free. First I wouln't take it but then he confinced me. The chassis is really nice and almost full option with:

-Full Ball Bearings

-M Chassis Hollow Carbon Shaft Set

-Manta Ray Ball Diff set

-M-Chassis Front & Rear Stabilizer Set

-M-Chassis Q/R Battery Holder

-M-Chassis Motor Heat Sink

-M-Chassis Turnbuckle Set

-Mini Cooper '94 Monte-Carlo wheels*10

-4*Soft inserts , 6* Hard inserts

-TRF special damper set

He only drove it one time with a very fast motor and crashed it. He was so sick of it he never used it again. The body is alright. However it has some scuffs and two minor cracks. I removed all the scuffed decals (front and tail lights and some sponsor ones) and replaced them with some new ones. It looks almost new now! My first intentions were to mount an Alpine body on this chassis and to but the Carlo body in a box. However I like it so much I think I just go and find me another M01 or M02 chassis. Because I haven't decided yet I didn't cut the bodyposts. I added an dual exhaust on this one.

Comments are welcome! Which exhaust do you like more? The single or the dual version?

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very nice pictures, i prefer the single exhaust.
I think i have to buy me a M01 too



Thank you! M01 or M02 rocks! However they handle like crap they're only good for 'static kit' purposes Watch out though they can be very addictive also



dont you just love it when somone gives you somthing thinking its junk when its actually a gem



Well he didn't think it was junk. However after seeing me busy with the m-chassis cars and knowing his Mini was only collecting dust in a closet he thought it was better of with me Thanks for your reply btw



M-chassis Rule! Lol Very nice mini especially since it was for free.......



Free.... Free. Most of us have had to hunt for the hop-ups. Single pipe dose it for me. I am waiting for a standard M-01 body set with the Union Jack sticker pack to come through the post. I love your Monte-Carlo, Green to be Seen.



Thanks! Free rocks (H), Djderk you bought the m01 with decal sheet from ebay right? Get the other Mini Cooper sticker pack also and the K-Parts (bumper lights) that really makes a nic add


My Real Mini has the dual exhaust... where did you get them from? I want one for my replica....

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