Model: (Click to see more) 58211: Rover Mini Cooper Racing
Status: Runner
Date: 16-Sep-2007
Comments: 2
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After years of high level competition I only race for fun nowadays being in 'semi retirement' from racing. This is one of the cars I run. It is totally stock, only bearings and oil schocks are allowed to ensure close racing. The alloy wheels are for display only.




I always like a red mini with those red revolution wheels! You also did a great job on masking that roof, makes the body look very nice.

Steve T


Thanks for the nice comment. I always want my racing body's to look good and spend a lot of time masking. I have built quite a few mini's over the years and raced one of these in Budapest at the '99 Tamiya Eurocup finals. Managed to get it in the A final as well. For that reason I have fond memories of the M-03.

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