Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Project
Date: 18-Sep-2007
Comments: 8
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This is an other rare kyosho model from the mid 70's. It is from the dash series and called dash-8, or sidecar 750. In germany it was sold by robbe and was in the cataloge in 1976, they sell it only for one year. I think they are not sold yery often, so it is nearly unpossible to find one. I get mine from an ebay auction for a good buy it now price, it was only 20km from me so i can catch it up myself. The condition is very good, nearly without scratches, it has the original factory paint with the old stickers. The stickers are a bit yellow, but thats it. It needs a very carefull cleaning, it is over 30 years so there can be some used spures. Only the rear dampers are leaving, but they are not with function so i can scratch build them. The sidecar is powered by the recommend enya 19 V gas engine.


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This looks amazing, with a great thingy



Never seen that before. Nice.



What a great-looking rarity.Nice find Frank.



thanks, for the comments, i am very happy to get this rare model, one piece more in the dash series of my collection. I know it also only from the catalog and have only seen three of them in the net.



Heypas had one of these: [Click here] but yours is way better! Love that old stuff!

Crash Cramer


Very cool looking machine you have there. I bet you could come up with some new decals that were proper from a model shop or such, water slide type maybe.






Oh! You finally got the precious one! I,m very happy to saw it. Wonderful and great ! I also still keep new in box one.I'll built it and try to run ,and show it in my web-site.(may be next year ?) Thanks ! from RCMG-JPN

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