Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Real car / Reference
Date: 21-Sep-2007
Comments: 6
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I found these on the net. There's a great webside with lots of old Baja offroad pictures ( The owner Jim gave me restricted permission to share a few with you guys. Great refs. Thanks again Jim! Enjoy.

Did the sand scorcher paint scheme exist for real? D*mn this looks good! M-H catalogue with the real (first) Baja Bug. Speaks for it selve. M-H catalogue with the real Scorcher kit. The hard to find 'Miller-Havens' rear deck lid. At the German Tamiya Fair. German catalog from 1977: real scorcher back lid. Same catalog: hard to find rear deck. Probably these are owned by true Tamiya fans !!!


tuff bug


Just shows how realistic the Tamiya version is.



cool - does it come NIB ?

Blacque Jacque


Superb!!. Do you think the MH kit was the 'real' Scorcher ?



For the rear deck I'm sure. There is no other brand that made these. Maybe repro's... . The front of the Scorcher is a straight fender, the ones of the MH kit are slightly cut upwards so I think Tamiya was inspired by a model which used different parts or designed a scale car with mixed inspiration.



Oh, this is so nice!



To Jim and Cam, I hope you like the side. You can check out other great stuff about RC baja enthousiast. Have fun!

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