Model: (Click to see more) 49189: Ferrari 312t1 F103
Status: New built
Date: 29-Sep-2007
Comments: 4
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I first got into RC when my elder brother bought a Ligier JS9. Back then he was working, had some money, I was still at school, and didn't. Soon after he bought a F2 Ralt and gave the Ligier to me. My best friend Mark bought a Ferrari T3 and I have some great memories of our races together; including us having fits of laughter when the Ligier's driver head rolled down the road following a huge coming together! Sadly all our original F1's are long gone. When these T3's re-releases came out I bought Mark one for his 40th birthday. Then, when I saw it running I just had to buy another for myself.....Years later, mine's finished. The chassis and polycarbonate body shell were completed some time ago. I was disappointed with the 'rough around the edges' finish of the polycarbonate body, which was probably half the reason why spraying and decalling the ABS body took so long. However it looks okay now it is finally done, the hard body looks much better on the chassis than the polycarbonate version. When it gets a run it will be with the polycarbonate body and Kawada wheels/sponge tyres seen in the last photo.

Polycarbonate body, Kawada wheels


Jedi Master


Great finish to a lovely car. Well done!!!!

Crash Cramer


Nice, let's hope this driver keeps his head about him.



Nice work. Very detailed. Tamiya still sells these bodies btw.



What a beauty!

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