Model: (Click to see more) 58055: The Boomerang
Status: Extra info
Date: 27-Oct-2007
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It's the hard to find Winger Body Parts Set for the Boomerang chassis.

I found it in a corner of a old hobbyshop, down written from 39.- to 10.- Swiss Francs (!!! = 6.- Euro !!!).

Chassis is restored and the Body is built from the box.

Which means it, which rims look better, chromium-plated or white???

I think it looks mutch better then the with rims Body Parts Set Manual Body Parts Set Manual

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Restored, usually with new parts


super gripper


If you ever get bored of looking at it give me a shout, I have plenty to trade.

tuff bug


very nice example



This body brings back some good memories! I converted my Bigwig to a Boomerang chassis in about 1987 and they didnt have a Boomerang body in stock so i had to go with the Winger body.Got quite used to it in the end and made it a coca cola version with Parma decals.Ive looked for this a few times but never found one.Love it...looks good!



Hi, I have a NIB one in my showroom and it has got a mosquito-like insect in it. Does your bodyshell have one or it is just me who has got a 'faulty' Tamiya product ? Please kindly tell me as I never got any reply to it and it really left me puzzled. Thanks, Gary



no, sorry, i have only a quite normal bodyshell, no insects, no fossilized reptiles.

Crash Cramer


Oh man that looks great. I haven't seen one posted on TC in a while and cannot think of anyone else with so many photos of one mounted and painted so nicely. @Ruffryder, would love to see any vintage photos you might have of yours too. I will find a body one day, but until then, I will have to drool over yours.

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