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Status: Extra info
Date: 30-Oct-2007
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Mr Pushrod needed a front suspension mount for his Predator XT restoration and as they aren't available any more (or anywhere) I made one for him.

I'm pleased how it came out so just putting it up here. The only bad part was I had to cut the slots freehand so they look untidy, at least you can't see them when it's on the buggy.




Nice work - looks very neat to me! What tools do you use? Whenever I try something like this, nothing comes out in the right place...



look here [Click here]
and look for XK5 front mount under TTech .


Jeroen it's for an XT, not an XK5. The chassis (and therefore the front end) are different and aren't interchangeable. Fibre-Lyte never made one for the XT.


I use a pillar drill for the holes, a powered scroll saw for freehand cutting and sandpaper glued to acrylic strips for finishing rather than a file. For something like this I have a home made profile copying milling setup that allows me to machine a copy of any grp part, I made it to copy T pieces for 1/12th scale cars.

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