Model: (Click to see more) 58352: Jaguar XJR-12 Daytona Winner
Status: New built
Date: 30-Oct-2007
Comments: 4
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When i was young i had the mazda 787b, i always loved these le mans racers for there incredible speeds, so when i heard that tamiya re-released some of these cars. I had to have another one, as i still have my mazda 787b runner, i bought this jaguar just for the shelf.



i have one of these
beautiful runner, s#!t loads of rear end grip, it turns better than a london cab lol

Crash Cramer


Oh man that is pretty. Very nice paint and decal work there.



I ran one of these only 4 year ago at my local club. The grip is awesome on uneven/bumpy surfaces !! I also ran it with a Novak SS5800 Brushless system with no probs at all.

Mad Hopper


Yes, these are one of the best and most reliable racers from tamiya, only the gears get worn out, the rest never lets you down!

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