Model: (Click to see more) 58074: The Grasshopper II
Status: NIB
Date: 1-Nov-2007
Comments: 2
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This NIB was listed on ebay belgium a time ago as not complete, so i sended a message for knowing what parts were missing, but didn't get an answer back so i took the risk for buying it. When i received and checked this kit it was only missing the tool bag and instead there was an extra set of new rear wheels in the box those will be used on my newbuilt striker that i also got from the same auction.
The box sides are not perfect, but as the grashopper super 'G' was my first car, I'm still happy that i found this original grashopper kit.
It will stay unbuilt as i have some grasrunners standing like the original and super 'G'.


Crash Cramer


Nice buy, with extra wheels to boot. If you still need that toolbag, I will have a look in my spares.



Great name and a great car, i see you've got some previous!

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