Model: (Click to see more) 99984: Nichimo
Status: Runner
Date: 25-Nov-2007
Comments: 6
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I brought this on ebay recently for $75 on a buy now. Im so completely infactuated with vintage cars at the moment, especially over engineered ones. Which is probably why I love this one so much.
When I got the car there was a massive Traxxas ESC mounted outside the car on the rear end. The car went pretty slowly but i put that down to it being as heavy as a bowlling ball. There was a thick layer of congealed oil covering everythig also.
Not having an instruction manual and being a totall novice I risked dismantelling the entire car to clean it and was amazed to at how shinny and new everything was. It was a nice suprise to discover a brand new Kyosho 360 Gold motor inside. I replaced the elecrics and managed to get the car back together only to discover the front and rear wheels went in opposing directions!. After some head scratching I found that one of the three diffs was back to front.
When it finally came time to test drive it I was amazed at how fast it was!. Id compare it to my Boomerang which runs a 20T motor.
The 4W steering takes some adjusting but is probably what i like the most about it, being capable of a 1 meter turn radius, and at high speeds can maintain a constant tpye of 4 wheel drifting/sliding. I dont think I described that very well but imagine something really cool and that'ill be it.
The body and wheels could do with some repainting tho im inclined not to as this car wont be shelved just like the Nichimo spririt I just brought off ebay thats never been used.
Feedback and comments welcome.




Nice story on a fascinating car! Nice one



Thanks Mate.



Excellent! I like the Nichimo buggies. Not sure if they look cool or really ugly though

Road Burner


Nice one! I'm gonna attempt to rebuild mine without a manual, too!

Mr. ED


I really like this look, like a machine with lots of raw power



Great looking car...I'm looking for a few parts to finish mine off if you know of any. Thanks.

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