Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Project
Date: 9-Dec-2007
Comments: 3
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I made an online contact who stated that he had 2 optimas for sale. Without getting a picture I agreed to meet with him as he is only about an hour away. While driving there I was thinking it would be awesome if one was actually a javelin.
Well it cost $3 in highway tolls and about $10 in gas but I made it to the meeting spot and waited a few minutes. While waiting I pulled a $100 bill and (2)$20 dollar bills out of my wallet and told myself that this is my budget. A truck pulled up and I got out to introduce myself. The first car he pulled from the back seat of his truck was the Javelin. I don't know if he saw how much I was holding back a smile as I did not want him to think I was too excited. Then I saw the Optima, we took them to the tailgate so I could see under the parking lot lights. I looked the cars over without expression. I them made a comment of how the tires on the cars were the same as my Kyosho Datsun Stepside and it was a shame they weren't in better condition. To possibly ease my mind he pointed out that the original tires were in the box and in perfect condition, for both cars! I offered without any emotion the $100 bill. He then said that he somewhat remembered what they cost back 20+ years ago and countered with $150, stating that each car had its own radio and charger. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the (2) remaining $20 dollar bills and said all I have is $140. He accepted and we were both happy.
Both cars came with original build manuals, New Sand Super spike tires , radios and chargers. Also some other Misc. parts. He said that his sons played with for about 3 hours each and into the attic they went.
These cars are beautiful and I can't wait to rebuild them, As if I didn't have enough to do.
I was feeling so lucky that I stopped to pick up a lottery ticket-I'll keep everyone posted ;)




Now that was a good deal... i had a american email me from TC club recently that he had a optima for sale, and sent me pictures of a javelin, and would i pay him $100 + postage once i had received the brand new javelin arrived a week or so later. dont we all love americans.

Javelin man


Some people just don't know the value of these 'TOYS'.
I love those people!



Nice find!! I'm looking forward to the pictures after you clean em up

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