Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: New built
Date: 10-Dec-2007
Comments: 5
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This a Kyosho F2004 car. It was released in Germany only. It is basically an Ften chassis that has been stretched and is 2wd instead of 4wd. This particular model has several options. I have converted the car to use OS laydown engine instead of standard 2 stroke engine, this way I did not need to cut the body for the head of the engine to clear. The car has carbon fiber upperdeck, carbon side board braces, Aluminum main chassis plate, carbon chassis braces, aluminum center blocks, 2 speed ( I still need to get a 2 speed clutch bell ) metal disc brake, CVD drive shafts, titanium turnbuckles and tamiya shocks. The exhaust is custom and was done by me. I never completed it, but the difficult part has been finished. All that is left would be to weld the two tubes and close the end of the stock manifold. These models came with two bodies, the lexan one painted here as well as a hard plastic display body which I own but have decided not to paint. The hard plastic display body has much more detail than this already highly detailed lexan body. The wings come pre-painted as well as in kit form. The pre-painted parts are flawless. The wheels and tires are also excellent. The Bridgetone logos are silk screened on and do not come off. The car is really done well accept for one glaring flaw which drives me nuts, the car uses the same width of front and rear tires! I have some work left to do such as finish the driver, the Marlboro logos as well as add some really great options that I have, but I have already started on other projects so I thought I would post the car here for now. I must thank a freind of mine in Germany who not only made this car possible for me, but has also helped with its build by finsing and obtaining option parts for me. Thank-you my friend!

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Great car. Is it 1/10 or 1/8 scale?



Sweet car!

Bin ^jammin^


Very nice indeed, a special car.

rizzo rat


That looks awsome. I like the engine detail and how its sit's in the car.



The car is basically 1/8th scale. It is a little longer than the Ften. Thanks for the comments.

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