Model: (Click to see more) 58280: TXT-1
Status: Runner
Date: 16-Dec-2007
Comments: 7
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Well, I've tried twice the number of esc's by using 2 RV 11 esc's wired together...
I've tried twice the number of batteries to the esc's, putting all 7.2 volts to each motor...
I've doubled the number of steering servos to have 4 wheel steering....
But now, I've decided its time to double the power! ;-)
I've taken out my duel esc's and 21 turn motors, and replaced them with a single Mtroniks Super E Truck 14.4 Volt esc. The modified motors have been replaced with 14.4 Volt 550 motors, from HPI, they are the ones that come with the ever popular E Savage.
The installation of the HPI 550's is simple, no mods are needed... It seems like the TXT-1 was designed with 550 power in mind! I've stuck with the standard pinions for now, i'll test the truck and see if i can go to a larger set later on. Two 3700 NIMH batteries sit side by side in the stock battery holder with no problems too.
I've had to stick the receiver on my old custom esc deck, but now its out of the way of the esc and battery cables.
So, how does it go? Well, I'd estimate the top speed is double that of a standard TXT-1, so at a guess the truck is hitting the 18 mph mark. Thats a huge difference with a truck of this size, especially with rear steering installed. The potential to roll it over is high, so I've got to be gentle on the steering at speed. The acceleration is almost instant, 0 to top speed takes around 3 seconds with careful throttle control. If you simply 'floor it', the truck becomes 2 wheel drive, with the front wheels high in the air! Breaking isn't a problem either. The esc and 550's generate enough breaking power to lift the rear wheels as the truck slows - now that looks really cool :D
The truck has a crazy amount of torque too. if it wasn't for the risk of blowing the drive train up, I guess you could pull quite a weight along with the truck if the traction was there. The truck plows through long grass and up hills like they aren't there, nothing can stop it!
I'd imagine the universal shafts will have an argument with the new motors before long. They are 2 years old anyway and are a bit worn, the 550's should finish them off if i want them too!
With 14.4 volts of power, my TXT-1 now lives up to its monster size. Why didn't they come with 550's in the first place!?
Thanks for looking!

High Powered Monster! HPI GT550 vs a 540 silver can and 19 turn modified 550's just after installation They have internal cooling fans too! A vast amount of wiring links everything up

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TNX sliders on my TXT-1




great looking txt. hope to get one soon myself



Nice! I'll bet that it's a blast to drive.



Cool set up. The TXT is amazing with more power. If you want to make it even more monsterous and increase its stability you should try the axle widening and wheelbase extending mods i did to mine, it makes a huge difference to the handling as it flips much less easy with 4WS enabled



14.4 really makes this truck come to life. When you bust the driveshafts try the Thundertech CVDs for the axles and RC4WD Punisher Shaft IIs for the center. Oh and ditch the Tamiya plugs for some Deans Ultras or similar for more power and runtime.



thanks for the advice guys! I've had a set of the old style punisher's and they were pretty poor, but the new ones do look better. cheers

Mad Zero


Very nice! Take Rhen's advice and fit Deans though dude you might as well use ALL the power! Bring it to EB next time....



cheers mate! it was at the bash last weekend with its blue body on top, but i used it very early in the day so i think most people missed it!

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