Model: (Click to see more) 88887: Any Tamiya RC Model not listed.
Status: Extra info
Date: 23-Dec-2007
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This is a VERY rare car I believe. It's a prototype called TRF 211X made by the TRF-staff at Tamiya Japan back in 1993. A friend of mine (Johnny Pedersen), and TRF-driver back then got this car for the European off-road championships in 1993. The cars were based upon the DynaStorm, but featured many modified parts and special CNC-machined parts. The DynaStorm were a bit heavy, so a lot of the modifications were concerned about weight-savings. As can be seen in the pictures the car uses the plastic-chassis that is known from the DynaBlaster. It also featured a special body that fitted the slimmer chassis better. The biggest change in comparison to the DynaStorm is the much shorter suspension-arms and the wider front bulkhead and wider chassis at the rear to accomdoate these arms. All these special parts were CNC-machined by the TRF-employes back in Japan. These shorter suspension arms were made for tracks that were smooth and fast, with not too many humps and bumps. Other modifications you can see in the pictures are the shorter front-dampers, with damper-stays with much more adjustment options, you can also see some of the areas lightend, if you take a closer look at the gearbox. As can be seen in the pictures the car has been raced (as it was meant to be), but it has been kept in a very good conditon.

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That is one lovely car! If you ever consider selling it, please let me know and I will be top of the list!



Awesome, I definitely need to add one of these to my 2WD collection. If you ever find another please keep me in mind



Cool piece of racing history!



awesome car!



bcollection has a updated one of these with all the carbon on it as this one still looks a bit astute ish



Hi Evoman, actually it's the other way around. The car I can find in bcollections showroom is the car 'between' the Super Astute and the Dynastorm, as it is the prototype of the Dynastorm. The car here is the car between the Dynastorm and the... well...the 2wd top-buggy that Tamiya never released back then



find me an trf 411X and i am the luckiest boy in the world.



That is awsome! I think there vere only made around 60 of the TRF211X's so it is indeed very very rare! Johnny Poulsen, is that Johnny that used to work in 'Dansk Hobby' in Lyngby at the 'roundabout' ?



Hi Henrik,
I can't remember that it was exactly 60 made, but I know that it was a very limited production, so 60 could be right.
He was (and still are) called Pedersen, and yes he worked at Dansk Hobby



Wow, that would be the proper brother for my TRF414X Touring car. Only 150 of the 414X were produced and mine is New Built to a perfect standard!



Great stuff!

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