Model: (Click to see more) 58172: Taisan Porsche 911 GT2
Status: Project
Date: 30-Dec-2007
Comments: 4
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Love the 993 GT2; no words needed, just look at that body. NIB is getting quite expensive so I've decided to built my own, this car start life as a Ford F-150, got 2 GT2 shells (trade show special? with both black and white tails) from for a very good price, built one for a good friend to display (see my other model). Was going to do this box art; but I like the pure black so much now I can't decide. had configured the chassis as a true to original rear wheel drive; should be fun to drive. Cheers.

1 Ahhh; Beautiful rear Not exactly original 58172 Brothers

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beautiful the pair of them cant beat the style of a 993



Gorgeous pair!



Bad Boys, Bad Boys, .......... these Porsches are so fantastic looking!!!!!!!!!!!!



That is sick. Those wheels really set it off.

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