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Status: Project
Date: 30-Dec-2007
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Built this for a good friend in Dubai; he's not into RC but just want to build him a 1/10 static model. was going to screw the wheels to a plywood chassis; but by coincident had found the Voltec Fighter chassis had exactly the same 237 wheel base, but the tracks are a lot wider. modifications are rough and ready but good enough for a display model, had added photos of Brembo calliper and disc behind the Kawada mesh wheels for realism. comments are welcome, Cheers

Brembo photos behind wheels Brothers It's now in Dubai.... adaptor plate with Velcro mounting; no holes.

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Clever idea about the Brembos!



These porches are beautiful true works of art .



Wow! Best use of a Voltec Fighter yet!



Cheers for the comments; bought the Voltec Fighter for the wheels and tyres only for my Willy's wheeler project, the Brembo idea come from those photo realistic decals.

Crash Cramer


Gee, what could you do with my Wild Ceptor chassis??? You can have its wheels, but tires went into the Ranger spares bucket.



The value of Voltec Fighers just went up a little bit thnkas to your great use of that paperweight chassis,lol

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