Model: (Click to see more) 58372: Ford F350 High Lift
Status: Project
Date: 30-Dec-2007
Comments: 3
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Well, its been a while since i last updated this project. And With the majority vote, I decided the expedition look, or 'Top gear Hilux' look was the way to go! So here you can see some massive progress from last time, the arches are almost finished, and just need a little tidying up. I always hated the juggernaut rollbar for having 3 rollover hoops! So i cut it down to two, shoved it as far foprward in the bed as it would go, and extended the rear supports to give a more scale look. The front bumper is a copy of the arctic trucks bumper found on Top Gear's polar hilux, and the rear bumper is just a generic pickup one. They are made from copper, and took Bloody ages and many burnt fingers to perfect! The spot lights are the last ever batch of cul_tech daylighters, as he said he wouldnt be making any more! I still plan some nice alloy wheels and some equipment boxes in the bed, and also, functional winch and window wipers!! A scollins interior will also soon be ordered! ;)

However with progress comes more decisions! And I am split this time over what colour to paint it? I am leaning towards red, like its inspiration, but I am still not sure?

Please leave a comment on your thoughts for a colour? And also any other ideas for detailing or improvement that you would like to suggest are welcome! ;)

P.S. Comments from absolutely anybody are welcome!

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You did an excellent job so far. As for the color theme use the same color used by Top Gear hilux? or a two tone theme like dark green and gold at bottom or white and gun metal at bottom. One comment, I would us thicker dia. copper tubing to make the bumpers to give it a even more rugged look. (Are your fingers healed yet????) You get a gold star! Cheers



i think red is the only way to go! maybe make the gun holder, and the 'bumper dumper'... the rear bumper mounted toilet!



Super job so far. Front bumper looks great with cul_tech daylighters on. Oh how I'd like a pair on the front of mine. Do you think he would make some more if enough of us got on our bended knees and begged mercilessly and offered untold wealth..............Sorry, got a bit carried away there!! Top Gear red looks good as can be seen on their car but if you want to be different why not try Daytona yellow possibly with a waistline pinstripe. This would set off the black axle/diff casings, rollbar and bumpers. Would also go well with alloy, or dare I say it, chrome wheels. As for detailing I think you need a jerry can, highlift jack and maybe a shovel somewhere either attached to the body or fixed in the buck, and yes definitely a winch. I am looking to put one one my Landy. It was worth getting burnt fingers to end up with those bumpers, they really look the part. Good luck with the rest of the build and keep those pics coming.

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