Model: (Click to see more) 58029: 4x4 Blazing Blazer
Status: Restored
Date: 1-Jan-2008
Comments: 8
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Happy New Year to All.
I bought this about three months ago through the site in a very easy transaction with RENKEN 2000 (Many thanks Patric). She came in very good condition but I fancied putting my own spin on things and bringing her back to an original condition.
She's been fully stripped, a couple of new parts went in (mainly bearings) and a complete set of new electrics. The chassis has been taken apart along with the axles, fully cleaned, polished then re-greased/sealed where required. The body was originally in Red but didnt feature the normal Blazer graphics and had seen a bit of action as Tamiya intended! The body was fully stripped back to bare plastic (Fairy Powerspray is truly excellant), then filled and primed. After a lots of wet sanding it was finally ready for the final coats she wears now!
As with all my models, she will be a runner so I've replaced the motor with a standard silver can and fitted spare F350 tyres onto the original rimms (I still have the original sand tyres bagged and put away for shelf use if ever.
All in all this has been an absolute pleasure to restore, I dont think I will ever get bored with just giving it a glance when I walk into my model room and wonder about the style and engineering that went into it back when it was first released.
As ever comments and suggestions welcome.

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I always wondered what high lift tires would look liek on a older 3 speed, and they really suit it, nice one. You have tempted me to get my hilux running now, dam. Do the high lift tires hold up to the weight. keep us updated of this one

Happy Harry


Hi Hilux25, the Blazer wheels come with a large plastic insert in that I squeezed into the Hi-lift tyres then left them in my boiler cupboard for a week to stretch the rubber (they are slightly to narrow in there orignall condition to go on the Blazer rimms). After that the wheels went together no problem at all, with the small foam inserts I'm running they work as their meant to and I can run this as much as I please. Go for it!



Thanks Neil...i think you did bring it back to his old glorie..keep om going.!



Wow cool truck and great resto work, those tires look much better than stock to me anyway. I have a very strong feeling Tamiya is doing this body next on the high-lift chassis.



fantastic looking blazer!!!I have one in red ready for resto .nice one ,i think red looks better than black !!!



A runner, you have my sensabilities. Nice colour too.


She is stunning.Makes me want a blazer even more looking at this beautifuul car.Love the red coachwork too.Tim



Thats one stunning blazer.Love the red coachwork.Suits the car to the full.Well done on the build.Tim

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