Model: (Click to see more) 56304: Globe Liner
Status: Extra info
Date: 12-Jan-2008
Comments: 3
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Found this gem after putting an ad on the work website wanting Tamiya models. Was in awe when I saw the model in the flesh. Has been Professionally built.

Still laugh when I ran it outside my house and the misses was hanging out the bedroom window shouting ' Bring the model inside, otherwise we are going to be burgaled ' LOL

Globe Liner




Welcome Barry, good to see your showroom finally. You will need to add comment (little '+' sign) for everyone to see the comments on the club- took me 9 months to figure out. Lovely Globe Liner mate.



Thanks for the comments mate. Took me 7 days to find my Tamiya password in a Spam file. TAXI !!!

rizzo rat


I had one and reluctantly sold it. Must be the best rig of the lot.

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