Model: (Click to see more) 49278: TA04-TRF Special Chassis Kit
Status: Extra info
Date: 19-Jan-2008
Comments: 4
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I nearly had a small dribble down below when my mate pulled this out of his cupboard. As he built models for the Tamiya Reps to show, he always was given the cream of Tamiya models. Reluctantly sold it on. If I had known after getting into RC indoor club racing, I would have kept it.




WOW Very nice car, I always liked this better than the later blue alloy 414mII, although I would disagree about it being to nice to use I've never seen or owned a car I wouldn't run



looks very interesting ! is it for carpet racing ?



Thanks for the comments. The disc wheels are just for show and display. Some good videos on you tube showing just how fast these models are.

rizzo rat


Looks sweet with the setup wheels on.

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