Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Runner
Date: 20-Jan-2008
Comments: 5
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Well I fancied something other than a touring car / buggy and have been admiring some amazing crawlers for quite a while. Got most of the bits for Xmas. Thanks very much to Mr_Pushrod for the TLT Axles and Stampede 'Tranny. A very big thanks also go to Twinset, who helped me quite a bit whilst making it. I also got a pair of his luurvely servo/link mount plates, thanks v.much Andy! Got most of the other parts from thecrawlerstore who are great - good prices and fast delivery. Did get hit for £20 import tax, but nothing they nor I could do about that.

Anyway - I've done a whole build up thread in the forums, see this link:

I won't repeat everything I've said in there but I'll just mention the main parts:

• MFM Racing Scale Chassis

• TLT Locked Axles

• Stampede Gearbox - Locked

• 2.2' Proline Moab Tyres

• RPM Revolver Narrow Wheels

• Hitec 645MG Hi-torque servo

• Graupner Speed 600 Motor

• Traxxas Slider Shafts (1 is extended)

• Proline Chevy C10 Body

• Traxxas Big Bore Shocks (£10 inc P+P off eBay for 4 brand new ones!!)

• Twinset's Servo / Link mount plates

• And about 742 nuts and bolts.

I painted the body up in Green, it came out a bit lighter than I was hoping but it's not a big deal. Painted the rear bed, front bumper and front left wing black.

I've given it a run and am very pleased with the way it performs. Suspension's very supple and there's a lorra flex (as the pics show) and it will go over pretty much everything.

Enjoy the pics and comment if you so desire!




Well done fella, looks a good'un



Nice piece of work. What's the thinking behind the canted over rear axle ?

Mad Zero


I do like to see crawlers that look like real trucks - glad you went for sober colours on this too - well done dude!



Looks very capable, I like the color!



Good to see those bits finally going to use! Looking good.

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