Model: (Click to see more) 58028: Toyota 4x4 Pick Up
Status: Project
Date: 20-Jan-2008
Comments: 3
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Got this today in a swap for my Knight Hauler with full MFU.
the Hilux comes with full radio and origanal battery and a nice set of 24carat Gold plated Wheels and Spanner :).all it needs are some shocks(anybody got any).
gong to be stripped and cleaned and the body im going for the dark grey with the Tamiya Club silver repo decals.




24carat Gold plated Wheels and Spanner !!!! now thats just posing looks a great truck mate ill look forward to seeing the finished article.



Very nice find, if I ever buy an old 3 speed I think it will be one of these, they just look so scale!

Old Duffer


ah!! the start of an addiction nice 3 speed

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