Model: (Click to see more) 58024: Sand Rover
Status: New built
Date: 22-Jan-2008
Comments: 11
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I am very happy with this New build Sand Rover. He is filled with period Acoms radio gear and with the exception of the bumper, which is a lightly used one is new. The decals are repros and very nice (TC of course) and he is missing his gear lever. If anyone has one, please let me know. When he is 100% finished, I will touch up the slight mark to the front left wing and maybe give him a gloss coat. Comments welcome :-)

More information : I have the box, Acoms box, also all literature and this is a UK model (RIKO). I also have the original decals (found them after applying the repros) I won't change this, as the repros are just fine.

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