Model: (Click to see more) 99965: PB
Status: Project
Date: 23-Jan-2008
Comments: 2
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This is a vintage onroad racer from 1982. The Pb Alpha was one of the early cars with complete suspension in this days. Drivers won we the Alpha many titels. This is an early version from 1982, it comes with an period Picco engine. The exhaust pipe and the body was incl. the kit, this are original PB parts. The car is a bit dusty, but looks like it has not run often, there are no scratches on the underside. When he is cleaned i think only a new one is better.

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Mad Zero


Great find! I recently sold a NIB PB9i Omega - I'm surprised it wasn't you who bought it!! Keep on saving these wonderful cars my friend!



So you are concentrating on Tamiya? ...Well, this one is a good exception...nice find matey!

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