Model: (Click to see more) 58344: Desert Gator
Status: Runner
Date: 26-Jan-2008
Comments: 3
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I got this in a trade with James Girling ( sorry mate, forgot your username!) a loooong while back.

Its ballraced, with a std Tamiya ESC and a 23 turn Clash motor inside.

I swapped the rear wheels/tyres for 5 spoke wheels (make unknown) with worn Schumacher mini pins.

Has oil shocks, but i upped the grade of the oil as it seemed a little soft.

Also i removed the box art decals as they were a little much, and i added a flame set from Parma.

Last but not least, a nice new wing, i left it clear as i really like the look!


super gripper


Different - but thats good. It goes much better with the ball diff in it.


The standard esc can handle a 23turn motor????



well my std ESC was fine, after a 20min run it wasnt even warm. Ive heard people run much hotter motors with the std ESC, but i dont want to push my luck!

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