Model: (Click to see more) 58391: Hotshot
Status: New built
Date: 26-Jan-2008
Comments: 8
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Because a NIB is so expensive and I wanted a newbuilt whch can be run I made myself a little project:
Converted a re-re HotShot to a Supershot. Found a NIB bodyset on ebay, two suspension kits and spike wheels. the wheels a plated gold as seen in my showroom. Still need the correct roof and undercowl for it (almost impossible to find, so anyone?) The motor is a Nosram 7.5 BL system and a spectrum receiver. Love the aggresive look of this car. And suspension is so much better...
Mr Tamiya if you can read this: re-re the Supershot so I can trash this bodyset! (sorry TC member who dont agree or spend a fortune on a NIB )
Hé I like it andI will run it!




HOT !!!!

Mad Hopper


great looking car, a very nice job as always



Super sHOT ! i have to have a hotshot re-re, too. The HS looks nice with the tire lettering !

super gripper


That looks arwsome, now get out there & trash it........errr I mean bash it it....!!!!



Yeah I was going to do this to my re-re Hotshot. Got as far as buying the NIB body set, decals, gold wheels and shocks but fitted the shocks and gold wheels to the Hotshot and love it to much as it is to do the rest of the conversion. Selling the body set on ebay as we speak if anybody is interested.A re-re Supershot is inevitable i reckon



very nice mate! but i wouldnt run it with those shiney gold plated wheels or the tamiya pinspike tyres on, use a set of gold alloy wheels and oval blocks. your a brave man i tell thee!! top car its my fav too!



thanks fellow TC member for the comments and for helping me find the missing pieces! So this project will be completed in the correct way



Very nice car,will be good to see it when its got its roof fitted,are you realy going to run it?

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