Model: (Click to see more) 56706: TamTech-Gear Porsche Turbo RSR
Status: New built
Date: 3-Feb-2008
Comments: 5
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this is my new built 934.
i couldn't resist for this one . tamiya done a great work with this body and it just look awesome in any color.
i took this car for first test run in our local track and its handle very well! this is my 5Th rwd chassis and this one is the easiest to drive.
my car equipped with 3racing oil shocks, atomic high speed motor , and intellect 1400 pack, 3 racing led light system that include front hige and low lightes rear lights and brake lightes and 4 turn signal lightes .
i want more speed so now I'm after a nice brush-less system and maybe a 8.4 V battery pack.
also I'm planing to replace the rear tires to the m- chassis 55 radial tires and the tam tech super slicks for the front - i hope i can beat my friends minis with this little tam tech
i think that my next car will be the GTO ...

3 racing led light system - a kind of ceap mfu




I like the road car look alot!



Awesome mate. Love the ride height. Any action videos with all the gadgets working ??



one of the best value kits tamiya has ever made ,love em.looks very out and about with the street style scheme !!!



I know the feeling, love these TT's



Very nice you can not beat the road car look of a porsche.

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