Model: (Click to see more) 58397: Toyota Hilux High Lift
Status: How To Guide
Date: 4-Feb-2008
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This is a simply method to lower the Hilux

I did not lower the Body, and let the body posts on it's original position, because i want to change the battery very simply, and when lowering the body, you need to get a other battery position.
Instead of this remove the L3 Part as shown in pic 3 and change the Damper position from upper place to lower place.
All you need to do is changing the steering rodes on the front axle (or on both axles when using 4 wheel steering) shown in pic 4 & 5

With that changes, the Hilux is lowered for about 14mm and you can use the original battery position.
AND You will have the same ground clearance as before

It's easy done and with my rock stompers 1.9, it's a perfect look :)

it looks much better now, doesn't it?

edit: 08.02.:

* lowered the Hilux again saving 7mm - just cut the body posts and white
spacers with a dremel, for cutting them without a Dremel,
you can use any little saw

* just adapted the steering a little

: - thanks for looking

2 After changes - with my rockstomper 1.9 before changes - with my rockstomper 1.9 remove L3 and change the Damper position change the steering rode position lowered - with rockstomper wheels lowered - with original wheels original height with origianl wheels

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Cleaned again after running ?! such a cool truck, cool mod. and great paintsheme. I like it !



yes it was cleaned after running at once, because my wife don't want me to work on a dirty car at home



i agree Michael, he looks much better now!



Looks a lot better now a much more scale looking truck.



Well done Michael, but you can change the position of the body and still place the battery in the usual way, I already tested. Please take a minute to see what I'm telling. You will save other 8 mm. Just remove the white separtors and invert the position of the bracket that support the battery, then you will have to cut the post where the foot steps are placed. You should cut the front and rear post to the new high.



Mario, you are really great !


that truck looks very cool - i will do this, too - cheers Max



That does look much better I need to do this to mine soon, Mario had a very good idea and its so simple with no serious mods required, genius!



Excellent! Now I will get me a Hilux too, err.. already got one, but this is what I will do with my example.



very good idea as it looks better lowered!



just cut the body post and and the white spacers for about 7mm - will post some pics here tomorow - He got an excellent look, now



I just finished lowering my Hilux with this method, and I must agree, it looks much better now. Thanks for the very helpful Tips. This kind of Info is what makes this site so great. Lets keep the ideas coming!!



Just followed this tutorial myself mate, i did change the steering wheel hub linkage slightly & bent the drag link for clearance, but its all good now i was in 2 minds wether to get the hilux or the tundra only because the lift didnt suit, this has easily swayed my mind that i havent made the wrong choice & the hilux looks loads better !

Thanks loads mate

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