Model: (Click to see more) 58156: F103RS F1 Chassis Kit
Status: New built
Date: 7-Feb-2008
Comments: 2
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It was one of the best Ebay deals i ever did. When the 2 packages from the seller arrived there was a NIB F103RS chassis Kit. A NIB F310 body kit. A built F103 MC Laren MP4/13. Enough parts to build a 3rd F103 chassis. Lots of new spares (new tires,wheels,hop ups....) a lot of batteries, 2 radio gears, a ferrari static kit, a batterie charger, lots of tamiya paints and much more. It was like birthday and christmas on one day....i couldnt believe my eyes and that for less than 100€.

I'm not a great Schumacher Fan i always liked more his opponents like Damon, Mika, and Jaques Villeneuve...i don't know why but i didn't like the hype about him that had everybody here in germany :).

1 i think one of the nicest Ferraris

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Nice build.



It looks like a very VERY nice deal. car looks superb

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