Model: (Click to see more) 58391: Hotshot
Status: New built
Date: 10-Feb-2008
Comments: 12
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I wanted to build one of these shortly before the re-release was announced. Once I knew the re-re was coming, I started my quest for custom parts.
One of the first custom parts I got was a You-G wing from TC Member 'Crunchydog'. That gave me the idea to do something a little different by painting it to match the body and blend the original wing and the custom wing together as one. The result was excellent!
Sadly, my cat (Patches) tripped me up when I walked back in the house after the photo shoot and the Hotshot took a spill and landed (you guessed it) directly on the wing. It bent badly to one side, but luckily it hit carpet. I'm not sure if I can bend it completely straight again and I'm likely going to have to strip it back down and repeat the painting / decal process once again. If anyone has a spare You-G wing for sale, please let me know. I would be forever grateful
Other custom parts to this build include: Dirt Burners Nerf Bars, Team CRP Front Stabilizer, AYK Aluminum Gold Wheels, Tamiya Gold Wheel Nuts and a You-G Front Bumper.
I also had some fun customizing the driver helmet as well, using a yellow and silver theme which blended nicey.
One more project down and my first (and hopefully last) incident after a build. Thanks always to all the TC members who have helped me source parts along the way and thanks to Crash Cramer for giving me the 'Hotshot bug' for which this project may have never been possible.

Front 'Artsy' Shot Top View Driver - Close Up Side Profile - Ground Wing - Close Up Rear View Side Profile - Pedestal




The first picture is terrific! Congrats!



1st, 3rd and last are superb, You are good in Artsy shots Nice painting job on the driver



One for the favourites!



beautiful buggy!



That's way too sweet. The more metal on an RC car the better.

tuff bug


very very nice car and cool photos! nice wheels Id like some myself!



Top work and top buggy! My cat kindly leant against a freshly painted JGSDF body, another carefull sand back and touch up was needed after removing the hair.



Another top re-re, great vintage mods and fantastic detailing, glad the sun came out for your photos!

Crash Cramer


Dan, don't try to peg your high budget builds on me. I know that is the only way your wife let you pay for all the extra parts for this one. I like the wheels and the Nerf bars look great in the side shots. I know that wing took a lot of time to work on and it is ashame what happened, but I am sure it will get fixed in the future. I think the driver shot is one of the best ones I have seen on TC in a while, not to mention the paint work on it. I think the bumper looks good, but didn't realize it was that 'short'. The last nit pik is more toward Tamiya and those fake heat sinks with no wires. I know it it over the top, but I somehow like the wires leading up to the sinks to give purpose to their existence. Rant over, NICE BUILD, gets my vote for the most hopped up version of the Hot Shot. I may knock you off that podium, but it will be quite sometime until I build mine, so enjoy the spoils while you can.



Hi Dan, Your car looks Stunning ,and some top pics.



Thanks eggayk. Your wheels were absolutely a top-notch part to complete the build. It wouldn't be the same without them



This is the 'DADDY' of Hotshots....

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