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Date: 15-Feb-2008
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Well thanks to a wonderful eBay experience with seller 'TMCCBERT' I was able to get a Tomy Q-Steer HotShot for a GREAT price and with a GREAT shipping price and speed due to the USPS. They are a US based military family and can send packages back to the USA with regular USPS pricing and almost the same speed as if a person within the USA sent the item. I have already checked my model out with my first Tomy micro RC car, the Bit Char-G from 2001. My brother found that one in Japan. I compared the boxes and the transmitters and the cars side by side. The cars are the only thing close in size. The transmitters are quite different as the Bit Char-G(BC) needs only 2 'AA' batteries to operate and has a wire ariel. The Q-Steer(QS) reguires 3 'AAA' batteries, yet it has NO ariel. The QS must have a different type of frequency board or something and it will operate with some Cell Phones, but I don't read Japanese too well, so I won't know how to set that up correctly. The rest of the photos show all my micro/small HotShots I currently own. The largest being the Tamiya Mini 4WD 1/32, then the QS, and finally the coffee can promo from a couple years back. It is nice that Tomy even got the oval block tires correct, just would have been the icing on the cake if they had plated the wheels gold. I am sure I will enjoy playing with this little guy on the rainy days we have so much of here in the spring.


If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
My first and by far my most favorite 4WD buggy




i have the frog version and these things are great

Crash Cramer


The Frog version also comes in a PIT BOX style complete with ramps and a miniature KIT BOX, the seller has one on sale now on eBay at a reasonable price.


Thas' cuuuute!



the pictures with the 3 different sizes are great !! had a Hotshot Jr. when i was a child, but it´s long gone now :-/

Crash Cramer


Oldsterolli You can still have a mini 4wd, there is a memorial edition out there now a days.



Thanks ! That´s great, didn´t know that ! I have to have one, again !

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