Model: (Click to see more) 58065: Clod Buster
Status: Extra info
Date: 23-Feb-2008
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I always wanted a Clod Buster. This arrived 3 days ago, it is all original with a old school Futaba Magnum Junior radio and drives great! The truck is in great shape, the only thing that shows any wear is the body. It still has bushings so I ordered bearings and I am going to restore the body. Does anybody have a light bar and bumper set for this? or know where I can find one? Once I have this project complete I will be looking for a Bruiser, that was the king of trucks when I was a kid.

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Very clean original Clod! Looks to be the chevrolet badged version also! Nice find!!

Crash Cramer


If all you are looking for is the bumpers and the rollbar, then have a look at the Super Clod on TamiyaUSA sight or TowerHobby as those spares should be easy enough to get, I have a couple of chrome bits if you want to dress it up a bit, have a look in my showroom.



It looks like the Super Clod is the same except for the grill and blower, looks like I will be doing another Tower order. It does have the Chevrolet grill but the chrome is not perfect, but good enough for a runner!

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