Model: (Click to see more) 58034: Super Champ
Status: Runner
Date: 26-Feb-2008
Comments: 56
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The 7Up Special Super Champ

Some time ago I traded some of my models with TC member Paul ( Loaded ). This was one of the items of many that I received from that deal. It was just a rough Super Champ chassis and loads of spares. It has been sitting in my “ To Do “ Draw for some time. Then a conversation with TC member Joe ( Volksrod ) produced a Super Champ body. This needed allot of work as it had received some damage and around 1mm deep paint all over.

This all needed stripping off and was in a brake fluid bath for over a month. Once all the old paint was removed I could see all the damage the body had actually had. There were several splits and cracks that needed fixing, but the roll cage was lucky undamaged. The surface of all the panels was very rough and uneven, so this all had to be filled and smoothed down.

I wanted to try something a bit different with this body. Joe ( Volksrod ) had some great ideas on fixing the body to the chassis without having any body posts or snap pins showing. This would give a very clean look to the body, so thanks for that Joe you are a Star.

I wanted the body to look slightly different to the standard Super Champ, so this was done by adding plasticard panels to all the openings at the side and back of the body.

The rear boot lid was hinged so I could show the 7Up damper bottle and get to the body clip inside to remove the body. I also cut a hole to take a cooling fan in the boot lid.

I had to make some aluminium locking cams for each corner of the boot lid so that it would be secure when the car was running. A boot lid support bar was also added so the boot lid could be left open for display.

The driver compartment sides were treated to some flowing curved panels. The roof was next to be modified I decided to remove the signature Super Champ Roof Spoiler and modify the front of the alloy roof to give the driver a better view.

Next to be modified were the side grills on each side of the body and these were cut away with a Dremel tool and changed into air scoops using plasticard again.

Plasticard backings were glued on the inside of the body to cover the 3 holes for the body mount pins and filled and sanded smooth. Two holes were drilled to accept the cables for the body mounted lights and two holes were also drilled into the rear of the body for the rear lights.

I also used plasticard strips approx 1mm square to trim the panels and strengthen the boot lid.
Now it was time for the primer to be sprayed on. 3 coats of primer were sprayed on and rubbed down smooth.

I had always wanted to do a spray job, which would test me a bit, I didn’t want any straight or curved masking work on this body. I wanted to spray the whole thing by hand with an air-brush.
I chose to do a 7up sponsored car as you can get decals from the Tamiya Jordan 191 F1 car. The colour had to be green, so I used 4 shades of green for the body all Tamiya TS and PS shades.

Now came an idea, which I thought would add another dimension to the paint scheme.
I wanted to reproduce tiny fizzy air bubbles in the paintwork as if you were looking into a real 7Up bottle.

I will explain how I did this whole painting process and fizzy bubble effect in a Tutorial on Tamiyaclub very soon.

All the 7Up and BP decals were applied from the Jordan Decal sheet and some extra ones of my own which were made for me by Lee, who makes the Fabulous Tamiyaclub Decals. Top stuff Lee, many Thanks Mate.

The whole paint scheme was clear coated with Tamiya TS Clear and I applied 5 clear coats rubbed them down then did a final clear coat and polished it down to a wet look finish to the paintwork and finished it off with several Carnuba waxes.

The next change for this car was to add working lights.
I couldn’t get hold of any alloy ones on TC, so I used a spare High Lift roll bar Spot light part. I cut each spot light bowl off the light bar and trimmed the spare plastic away with a scalpel. Each light bowl was drilled, tapped and helicoiled to give a strong thread. 2 lights were screwed into the body on small rubber mounts I cut from tubing ( this was done so the lights could take small shocks in accidents ). The same was done for the 2 lights on the front uprights. A Tamiya TLU lighting kit was fixed to the inside of the body and all the lights were installed into the Spot lights on the car. This was so easy to do and fit the lights into and I think look great fitted.

The roof panel was sprayed a different shade of green and left matt to contrast the gloss bodywork.
The cooling fan was added to the boot lid and this was made from a Porsche 934 fan and a Caterham fan surround all from Tamiya static kits. I also used an alloy exhaust shroud from the Caterham kit for a rear light cover, to give a special light effect when the rear lights are on.

The Driver and Instrument panel were next. I wanted to use a Wild One Drivers head, as I like the aggressive look of the Arai helmet.
The driver body was cut from the backing plate this was done because I needed to lower the body by 4mm at the rear so the helmet would fit nicely under the roof panel.
The remaining driver body was glued onto a new plasicard panel and fitted into the body. The instrument panel was made of plasticard and coated in Chrome foil and waterslide decals of instruments were added from a Porsche 934 decal sheet.

Lastly for the body I had help from TC member Clyde ( Misterclyde ) with the window netting. Many thanks Clyde.

The Chassis was in a bad state and needed stripping down and cleaning. Most of the suspension parts were cracked or bent, so all of these were replaced. I sprayed all the alloy cast parts satin black and fitted ball races all round the motor was replaced with a Tamiya Sport Tuned motor. I added some of my Alloy Gear and Motor Cover’s which I had Gold anodised. I also had most of the alloy chassis parts Gold anodised also to contrast with the black castings. I also used a set of Mike00top's Alloy Scorcher exhausts for the rear of the car. A plastic bracket had to be machined to hold each exhaust level with the base of the rear bodywork.

The Chassis plate and Radio plate were sprayed Tamiya PS black. The Rear shock was replaced with a modified High Cap damper for better damping than standard. The front dampers are standard Tamiya SRB units with modified internals so they dont leak and CRP Springs. I sprayed all the Damper Springs with PS green to contrast with the bodywork.

I added one of J-Mans Superb alloy Box Art bumpers to the front. Thanks, John. I think this looks much better than the standard Tamiya bumper. I added a grill to the front bumper also.
The wheels were the next item to be fitted and I opted for my Alloy Rough Rider Box Art wheels and Rough Rider Tyres. The lettering was painted Matt Yellow as with all my runners.

I also fitted my new SRB Skid Plate to the car and these will be on sale soon.
The last thing to be fitted to the chassis was the radio gear and I used a Spektrum 2.4 DSM system and Futaba steering servo. The speed control was a LRP F1 unit.

The Car is now finished and ready for a run on the beach, cant wait to see how it goes.

To finish this project off I have also made some special alloy stands to display the car on and a spare set of Super Champ wheels and Tyres fitted with some Nickel plated Sand Scorcher Box Art Alloys. These are really good for soft sand running.

I would like to finish off by saying a BIG thank you to all the TC members that helped me with this project. That’s what makes this Club so special.

I hope you like what I have done with this 7up Special.



3 The 7Up Special 1 Rough Rider Box Art Alloy Wheels 1 Side view showing Alloy exhausts 1 Close up on Driver wearing goggles 2 Body and Chassis 1 Boot Lid Opened showing Mini 7Up bottle inside 1 Fizzy Bubbles in Paint effect 2 Cooling Fan in Boot Lid and Driver compartment 1 Sitting on 7Up Display Stands 3 Boot lid opened showing Alloy locking cams

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tuff bug


Naaah! dont really like it.

7 up that is! This Super Champ is Awwwwsommmme! love it!



Nice! That is way too sweet!



Beautiful work fella, stunning



That is stunning, so many little detail touches, awesome work.



To quote an old 7 Up Slogan... 'Now that's refreshing'.

Superb work Rad, it has to be one of the best Super Champs on here!

rad22rad Alloys


Thanks for the comments Guys, really pleased you like it. A Big thanks goes to misterclyde for your help with this. Cheers


Looks great, SC looks sooo much better without that dorkey fin on top!

Old Skool


Nice work looks real sharp in green

flux density


stunner !



Rad your talent surprise me once again! Fantastic, Awesome! It's a true pleasure to see your cars!!!


Great work! love the detail and very smooth paint work. The exhausts are a great touch.



Absolute knockout Rad, wow! They say a picture is worth a thousand words but you got both bases covered with this listing



Make 7...... UP YOURS!

Corona Powered


Your creativity is only matched by your execution. Excellent details. Can't wait to see the 'how to' on the paint.

Crash Cramer


WOW, I am.......speechless. AMAZING doesn't begin to explain my thoughts on this one. It is cool how the black chassis and suspension can change the look of the car totally. I have another 7UP slogan for you. Make 7 UP YOURS!!!!



This is surely one of the best Super champs at TC. The green 7up bottle in the rear trunk idea is really creative. Excellent!!






That's a cracking piece of car you got there! Love it!



Rots your teeth but makes you smile! I love the detailing and the exhausts are hot... well you know what I mean!



I used to hate 7up but now....!!! Awesome work fella!!!
It looks so sweet! Makes me thursty!!!



What a truly stunning work of art! Mate you nailed it. Dare I say it you've made Moosey's cars look ordinary ( no offense Moosey-your cars are top notch). You've given me some inspiration for a scale desert racer now.Excellent work!!



Nonononononono, Rad.. You have to stop building these amazingly perfect looking cars! Everytime you show another, i just get more and more annoyed with my boring 'standard-style' models..

LOVE the 7up shock-refill-bottle. VERY smart detail.




CRIKEY!! I never imagined a Super Champ could look so good, when are you making a Coca Cola one?



Lovely car, delighted to have been a part of it and to have seen the previews! Keep up the good work and stop doing such nice restorations of my old beaten up models!



Very Sharp, you have a good eye for detail
Nice Job, Perfect infact.



Very beautiful work, trouble is I've just been and looked at my cars and they are dull ! so I'm going to have to cut them all up in pieces and start again - all those years just gone ..........



Wow! Too many details to take in in one sitting - I'll have to come back for another look...and another....



Wow, this makes me almost scared! It´s beautiful!!!!


I can't believe this! Still wondering wether this is still inspiring or just depressing people with ordinary skills.... Well, don't bother and keep them coming. It's VERY beautifull !

rad22rad Alloys


Thank you all for your Comments. I will be replying to all of you personally. Really appreciate you taking the time to give me your comments.



Simply awesome!



This is the best looking and most original super champ I have see so far very good job! Amazing detail, too! If I had the money (Which I don't, ufortunately ) I would ask if I could buy it from you...



Rad, you are an incredible modeler. This car is stunning, richly detailed and deserves to be on the front page of this website for a while, IMHO. Great job my friend.






Awesome detail! That is pretty fricking cool looking!



I've been lucky enough to see this stunning buggy whilst being round at Rads a week or so ago. Its a true Master-Piece, that has to been seen to be believed. Just don't know how you keep on coming up with projects of such beauty? Your modeling skills keep on raising the bar of standards here on TamiyaClub. Drive her with care Greatmate!

rad22rad Alloys


Dunky, i will give it some heavy throttle in the Dunes, dont worry. You know what i am like.



It's a crisp and clean, no caffeine, dune jumping machine!! Too awesome for words.. I instantly added it as a favorite. A true inspiration..



amazing job you´ve done here !! Great detailing ! I like it !



Just an amazing car, seems a shame to run it! Glad you could do something with the shell, i honestly thought the paint wouldnt move. Stunning work Rad.


Bloody Amazing!
I think we need to auction Rad22Rad off for a model project!!!!!!



I somentimes wonder ... when will this guy reach his peak?? Apparentely you are still getting better and better. Boy, this is great stuff to look at!






I didn't check the TC pages for a while and end up missing this beauty. This is one of the best, if not THE best looking car I've ever seen. Truly amazing instant classic.
I take my hat off to you sir.


I have one myself from when I was a kid(Yesterday!!). Where did you get the tyres, wheels and your speed controler please?. Having trouble finding the bits I require. Many thanks.



wow mate - can't believe i missed this - great car and details. cant wait to see this in the flesh



Stunning! I can't find words to describe what a joy it was to read your detailed description first, and slowly scrolling down to see one brilliant picture after another! The details and the finish on this build is way beyond words, so thank you for sharing it with us! I really mean it! The 7up bottle is a supercool touch, and the last pictures on its own display stands are even cooler!



Way cool man! This is better then the box art! cheers!



Can't believe I missed this one! Straight to my favs. Not to fond of the gold lettering on the tyres, white is the only option for me, but what the hey - this car looks sooo great!



You should make the rear damper bottle in the shape of an old 7up bottle - LOL. Dude, this thing is so shiny I thought it was a lexan! Great work again!!!

Bin ^jammin^


Love it.



Truly inspirational! If I can get mine to look half as good as this I will be over the moon.



Ahhhh, so refreshing I say downing a 7up, and not to mention this champ is just as sweet. Fantastic!!!



Weird to say but this is my favorite Super Champ I've ever seen.



Yeah, this one rocks, strait to my faves.



How did you do those bubbles in the paintwork Rad? That is amazing! Cheers!

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