Model: (Click to see more) 58324: VW Race-Touareg
Status: Project
Date: 27-Feb-2008
Comments: 5
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bought this awhile ago, new built off ebay and decided to make this 1 my fast one, at the moment not done much to it, only ballraced and greased it all up and unlocked the rear diff, i'm waiting for a widener kit to arrive for it so hopefully it wont be to 'rollover happy' when finished, i will probably change wheels/tyres to something alittle bigger & more stable, then the motor!!!! HMMMMMMMMM!!!! :-) unsure what to go for at the mo, but NOTHING is out the question and it will be stupid fast! thanks for viewing! :-)

boring, boring, boxart! with its colour challenged friend! 585 & 586 ........... i need a 587 next lol :-)

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looking forward to seeing what you do with it matey.



cheers mark, still cant make up my mind yet.



Ha have fun, Sounds like a great project, These will be very rare one day as stock trucks because everybody changes them...but who cares lol!



Looks great!

Wrc action


Very interesting. I did do a race touareg based on the normal xc chassis. [Click here]
however there are still some serious flaws in it which is why I have changed chassis

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