Model: (Click to see more) 58058: Blackfoot
Status: Runner
Date: 15-Mar-2008
Comments: 7
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I picked up this Blacky a fair while ago, mechanically fine, but the body was badly scared, but not painted, at least.. No decals to be found, so I've done a quick representation over primer/filler, until I come across the sticker sheet.
I decided to build this one like the racing 'foot's I remember seeing at the track, so I'm keeping a roaming eye for period 'Foot & Frog options, from CRP (who makes the chassis brace it wears), Parma, You-G and the rest.
Wheels are Traxxas Sledgehammer, tyres are the old Imex G-Hawgs, one of the only full height options available in the late '80s.
I do fit radio, and drive this, every couple of years.

2011 Update... Now running on Sees mags ; D

Sees wheels.... Luvlee....




Sweet stance on tis one, love the tires!!!!



Nice looking Blackfoot! The wheel and tire combo look great!

Crash Cramer


Oh yes, that is a nice looker and I agree, those tires are great looking on that truck.



Very nice foot indeed, I actually like it better sans the decals looks more serious and realistic, very nice wheel/tire choice as well.



I agree with Wyoming... It looks better without decals... And those wheels look nice and agressive on it

tuff bug


looks nice in those shoes!



This is awesome!) If you don't mind, I'd love to copy those wheel set ups you have created, they look great and would look perfect for my Monster Beetle. Please could you tell me, Do the rims need any type of adapters to fit on this Original Blackfoot? (I assume its axles etc. are stock parts?)
Any info much appreciated, regards.

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