Model: (Click to see more) 58324: VW Race-Touareg
Status: Runner
Date: 22-Mar-2008
Comments: 7
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thought i'd post soem pics of me running my landy boddies xc. I got the chassis as a tourag and then i had to have one of the chinese toys hard badies, the details is awesome, needless to say its the one which gets run the most, it aint the fastest as it still runs the original silver can but its the most fun and scale model i drive, as you can see by the pics, theres no where it hasnt been.

Is has been moded with home made rear body mounts so the shell sites better, junfac wheels wideners make it a tad bit more stable to run as the shell is pretty heavy. and then i had to find some wheels that looks landy like and the merc amg ones were about the best although i have got some more to fit soon.

As landy owners say 'one life, live it!!!'






Now this is living life! Great mods, great action!

tuff bug


great location

Mad Mini


Love the first pic. Great shots, it needs a snorkel though.



What can I say, mud an XC and a cool scale body thats my kind of ride and playground,

Maxxed Ross


some of those shots look so real! Nice work



Awesome mate. Still got mine to do. Any pics of the chassis to see the custom mounts.

Old Skool


Real nice Landy and some great pics

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