Model: (Click to see more) 58075: Terra Scorcher
Status: Restored
Date: 26-Mar-2008
Comments: 2
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Not really sure if this is a new build with some used parts or a restored kit. I bought it from a T.C. member a few years back. Couldn't resist it because the Terra Scorcher is effectively an upgraded Thundershot, and as the that was my first proper RC car, I can remember being insanely jealous when Tamiya relased the Terra Scorcher with it's adjustable arms, front UJ's and er, 'racey' shell with built in wing. I guess this car was probably a reasonable racer in it's day and class (i.e. beginner). This car has got a slightly scratched chassis but the rest is brand new. It has a customised front pivot pin/bumper bracket machined from alloy (the standard part is well known for breaking), gold wheels instead of white, and the shell isn't the right colour of blue to be box art perfect. If anyone has a pair of white NIP wheels they no longer want, please get in touch.




nice terra scorcher - had one some times ago (with the gold dishes too)



Wheels look great on the shelf, don't reckon they'd stand up to racing so well? There's not enough kits out there with chromed wheels these days

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