Model: (Click to see more) 58107: Top Force Evolution
Status: Runner
Date: 2-Mar-2003
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SPEC : Fibre-lyte - chassis, top deck and both shock towers the front shock mount is a carbon copy (pun) of the original.

TAMIYA : White wishbones, lightweight diffs, one way ass'y, DF-02 uj's all round, king pins, original evo shocks, blue 6mm balls, alloy motor mount, TB-01 rear alloy uprights, front hub carriers, square springs and blue servo posts.

GPM : black front hubs, front gearbox bottom plate, front gearbox chassis mount, rear gear box chassis mount top & bottom and steering ass'y.

This car has had many names over the years like 'Ultimate Force/Farce' and 'Evil-lution' but now it will just have to make do with Top Force Evolution OR The EVO. It has bean a few years work to get it to this spec and not a cheap or easy process but it is worth it to be the best force there can be and still be able to kick the ass of any new car that dares to challange it.
Update: New plastic gearboxes and better LiPo fitting with 9.5 brushless and some 3Racing WO UJ's to replace the Tamiya ones. Diffs are both gear now for indoor racing and I have some new green alloy lower arms.
I finally got a new body and did NON box art as I don't do box art. I have another new body to use my new (original) evo decal set on to recreate the old now falling to bits red evo body. The original evo body is painted with pactra red so no idea what spray will match up.

Ready for indoor racing Nice clean alloy Old worn shocks it all fits (just about) Servo moved because speedo is big It's simple and it works The absolute must have for any top force racer




ah man what happend to those lovely blue alloy lower arms???? still looks the biz though



I bent one of the alloy arms so had to take them off for racing perposes and still have them but they will maybe go on a show model

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