Model: (Click to see more) 58256: Juggernaut 2
Status: Runner
Date: 28-Mar-2008
Comments: 7
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Hey guys just got this through KingPin and his LHS haven't really tried it yet but got new parts coming teu103bk and ballbearing from stella for £36 posted sweet. I am going to redo the body any body know the best way to strip the old paint I will add photos when its done ; )




Hey, i popped in my LHS yesterday and i thought something was missing!!



i have used caustic soda mixed in water in the past. Works a treat just dunk the body and wait. The paint drops off after a couple of days!



I would mind one of these myself...a good lookin' truck.
On hard bodies I've always used Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner. Spray it on, leave for around 40-50mins then rub with pan scourer and rinse in water. It also gets rid of the chrome on bumpers and grill etc.
Good look with it!



nice ive been considering getting one of the as they are just so cool,
i never really strip body shells, i use a light grade wet n dry and just remove the shine but stripping it will propably be better



Hi love these trucks, I restored one ages ago, not keen on paint stripping can mark the plastic. Used fine wet and dry and Cellulose Stopper Putty to take out any marks then primer and rubbed down again befor the main colour. It was worth the time for a nice smooth finish. You can see the jugg in my showroom.



Maybe try this:
[Click here]


why not sand the shell a bit, then prime and paint it ?
NEVER use white spirit on them !!! it cracks them

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